Mae Engelgeer: textile design studio

Mae Engelgeer est une designer textile basée aux Pays-Bas, à Amsterdam. Son studio est situé en plein centre-ville avec une vue imprenable sur les canaux. C’est dans ce studio qu’elle crée ses collections de tapis et de textiles. Les productions de tissus ont lieu au TextileLab à Tilburg. Mae aime créer des produits accrocheurs et colorés pour nos intérieurs. Parmi ces pièces, il y a des nappes en coton au tissage irrégulier, entrecoupé de lignes orange fluo et cuivrées, des motifs imitant les graviers et le marbre, des couvertures au tricotage unique, du linge de maison en mérinos et mohair et des tapis s’inspirant de l’esthétique berbere et boucherouite.  C’est parfait pour le salon, la chambre à coucher ou celles des haricots…
On adore !

Mae Engelgeer is a textile designer from The Netherlands. Her studio is located in the city center of Amsterdam looking out over the canals near Kadijksplein. This is the place where she designs her collections and where the finishing of the products takes place by giving them a label, hangtag or signature stitch in pop-color orange yarns. One thing immediately stands out in Mae’s approach to design: she isn’t afraid to show color. Her approach to design and her working method is really instinctive, sensory and natural. Her work can be described as fresh, modern and eye-catching. For her it is really about the ‘feel’ of a fabric and she tries to ‘bring a fabric to life’. Mae Engelgeer has a background in fashion (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) and autonomous arts and design (Sandberg Instituut), which adds up to a versatile education. Underneath this diversity runs a very clear thread, a heartbeat of ikat patterns, a close collaboration with the TextileLab, and of course the baseline of pop coloring. All of those elements emerge from Mae’s intuition, ultimately coming together into a unique sensible whole. Inspired by the Berber and Boucherouite style carpets with knotted and heavy wool feel, she designs, among other textiles,  amazing rugs and wall rugs. Playing with different heights and loops, color fades and color blocks resulted in two playful, soft toned designs. Produced by Marc Janssen in a factory in Nepal, using 100% wool and the craftsmanship from traditional hand knotting. For anywhere at home: living room, kids room and bedroom… WE LOVE IT!






























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